15 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Family Memories

Finding ways to preserve your family memories is not only an enjoyable pastime, it may create a rich social history of your lives for future generations to come. Families have long held onto memorabilia that give insight into their lives – letters, photos, diaries, documents and so forth. These days, there is an abundance of ways you can get creative with preserving your family memories for your enjoyment now, and in years to come.

Interview Your Kids

Image Source: Crappypictures.com

If you’ve got young children it can seem like every day rushes by and they’re growing up too fast. Take time to interview them from time to time and record them what they say in writing, on your phone, or by webcam. Ask your children what their favorite things are at the time – what food they like, who their best friend is, what they enjoy at school, what they want to do when they’re an adult. Who knows, that kid’s fascination with dinosaurs may lead to a career in paleontology one day.


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