15 Food Additives That Can Be Harmful to Your Children

Food manufacturers use additives in processed and pre-packaged food for three main reasons – to make them look better, to make them taste better and to make them last longer. The problem is, the chemicals used in many food additives are not usually helpful to the way our body’s systems are naturally designed to function – especially if they are overconsumed.

For children, whose systems are more sensitive and still developing and growing, additives are even more harmful. Many studies have shown that artificial food additives may affect children’s overall health, development, and behavior. Fresh really is best. Here’s a guide to 15 additives to look out for in your child’s diet.

Artificial Colors

Image Source: Pinklover.snydle.com

We all eat with our eyes. The artificial food colorings used to make candies, beverages such as soft drinks and flavored milk, and a range of baked goods are added so food is bright and visually appealing – even more so to a young child’s eyes. Artificial food dyes are often made from coal tar and may be linked to cancers and hyperactivity.


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