15 Most Scandalous Divorces in Hollywood History

For ‘ordinary’ people explaining to family and friends that you are getting divorced can be hard enough, let alone working through the often complicated reasons on why it has happened yourself. For Hollywood celebrities, it must be doubly tough. The public at large has often voyeuristically watched the romance develop, speculated about the state of the marriage, and pounced on any hint of a scandal.

Here are 15 Hollywood divorces that, if the rumors are true, have the drama of a movie plot in themselves.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Image Source: Celebrityinsider.org

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston epitomized the golden boy meets golden girl love story to the world. Married for five years and together for around seven, whether it was the crisis of the ‘seven-year itch’ that caused the split or an affair on set, Pitt soon moved on with Angelia Jolie after co-starring in a movie together as a married couple.


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