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Top 15 Cutest Royal Children Around the World

Around the world there are a current total of 26 royal houses, with the British Royal family probably the most well known.  In the cuteness stakes, there’s always something gorgeous about a young prince or princess in the family. So here are the cutest 15 of the next generation of royal children born to regal homes. We are in love with the twin princesses of Monaco!

Princess Louise of Belgium

Image Source: Tumblr.com

This Princess has been caught in some very typical kid like postures in public on many occasions. Her Royal Highness Princess Louise of Belgium, born in 2004, is now a teenager, has younger twin brothers, and is 12th in line to the Belgian throne.

15 Most Scandalous Divorces in Hollywood History

For ‘ordinary’ people explaining to family and friends that you are getting divorced can be hard enough, let alone working through the often complicated reasons on why it has happened yourself. For Hollywood celebrities, it must be doubly tough. The public at large has often voyeuristically watched the romance develop, speculated about the state of the marriage, and pounced on any hint of a scandal.

Here are 15 Hollywood divorces that, if the rumors are true, have the drama of a movie plot in themselves.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Image Source: Celebrityinsider.org

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston epitomized the golden boy meets golden girl love story to the world. Married for five years and together for around seven, whether it was the crisis of the ‘seven-year itch’ that caused the split or an affair on set, Pitt soon moved on with Angelia Jolie after co-starring in a movie together as a married couple.

15 Massive Companies That Started Off As Family Businesses

Many great businesses start off as family enterprises. The already formed relationships in husband and wife partnerships, between siblings, or parents and children can lend themselves to successfully building a company based on shared values and principles. Some family-run businesses remain small to medium-sized, large enough to sustain the family and some employees. Others do make it big.

Here are 15 massive companies that started as family businesses and are now companies known around the globe.


Image Source: fotoseimagenes.net

Frank Mars, the founder of the global food processing company Mars, began producing candy in from his own home kitchen in 1911. Well known worldwide for confectionary, Mars Inc. also produces big brand beverages, rice, pasta sauces, and pet care products The company remains 100 percent owned by the Mars family.

15 Food Additives That Can Be Harmful to Your Children

Food manufacturers use additives in processed and pre-packaged food for three main reasons – to make them look better, to make them taste better and to make them last longer. The problem is, the chemicals used in many food additives are not usually helpful to the way our body’s systems are naturally designed to function – especially if they are overconsumed.

For children, whose systems are more sensitive and still developing and growing, additives are even more harmful. Many studies have shown that artificial food additives may affect children’s overall health, development, and behavior. Fresh really is best. Here’s a guide to 15 additives to look out for in your child’s diet.

Artificial Colors

Image Source: Pinklover.snydle.com

We all eat with our eyes. The artificial food colorings used to make candies, beverages such as soft drinks and flavored milk, and a range of baked goods are added so food is bright and visually appealing – even more so to a young child’s eyes. Artificial food dyes are often made from coal tar and may be linked to cancers and hyperactivity.

15 Things Happy Couples Never Say to Each Other

Everyone couple has disagreements and arguments from time to time. But when you’re in a happy fulfilling relationship you find ways to communicate differences in a positive way that shows respect for one another. There are some phrases and words that should never be said – sticks and stones can break bones, and words do hurt and can drive you apart.

Here are 15 things that you’ll find happy couples never say to each other.

I wish you were more like so and so

Image Source: Theoddsseyonline.com

Really? If someone’s saying to their partner they wish they were more like someone else, then perhaps they’re not with the person they should be with! Happy couples don’t feel the need to compare their partner to someone else. They accept and love each other for the people who they are.




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