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One Family Over One Quarter of a Century

A great family project or tradition for any family to embrace is taking annual family photos.

In 1991, London based photographer, Zed Nelson began his pictorial project “The Family”. Nelson’s published project begins with pregnancy and infant shots, and continues with a photo taken of the family on the same day, with the same lighting and background every year to show their changes throughout each of their lives. Nelson has stated his intention for the project is to be ongoing for as long as the family is willing, and both he and they exist!

This series of photos covers the first 25 years.


Image Source: Zednelson.com

A brand new life and a new family unit begins! This 1991 shot introduces two proud, but very possibly tired, new parents with their baby son.

The 4 Sisters Took Photos Every Year For 40 Years, You Won’t Believe What Happened To Them

In 1975, Nicholas Nixon began a series of annual photographs of four sisters that have spanned 43 years of their lives – to date. Although married to one sister, Bebe, Nixon’s series is more than a record for the family album. The black and white photograph collection has been exhibited in many galleries and museums and published as a book.

The photos offer an insight into how we age and wear life experiences in our physicality, along with the closeness siblings can have.  Interviews with Nixon give a further glimpse of the process. While the poses and the location vary a little from year to year, the left to right position of each of the sisters is always the same.


Image Source: Nytimes.com

The Brown sisters in 1975, New Canaan, Connecticut. From left to right is Heather aged 23, Mimi aged 15, Bebe aged 25 and Laurie aged 21.  The sisters lined up and Nixon has said they liked it and found it refreshing because it was different from the traditional family line up from youngest to oldest – and being expected to smile!

15 Times Princess Charlotte and Prince George Melted Our Hearts in 2017

If there is one thing about the British Royal Family they will never be short of, it’s snaps of them engaging in any kind of public activity!

As the most recent additions to this regal family, we saw a few adorable pictures in 2017 of Prince George and Princess Charlotte released by their family and while on official tours. Here are 15 of them that show them as typical children in poses that could be slotted into almost anyone’s album of childhood memories.

Princess Charlotte’s First Day of Nursery School

Image Source: Instagram/Theroyalfamily

One thinks this image of Princess Charlotte’s first day at nursery school that was captured by her proud mother, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge will go down in history. This is the quintessential image of a sweet two-year-old informally sitting on the school steps ready to go in.

15 Funniest Mother’s Day Cards That Will Make You Laugh (And Cry)

Mother’s Day is, of course, a day to celebrate and acknowledge the nurturing and caring of a mother’s love. There are many eloquent cards that express the words we sometimes find hard to find ourselves.

There are also plenty of cards around to remind us that with love there can also be laughter. Here’s 15 of them for families who like to express their affection with a little bit of fun.

Just One?

Image Source: Notonthehighstreet.com

Now, this is a clever card. You could use it for parents of any gender and keep a stash of them for your in-laws too.  Stick an arrow out and add your own words to the side and you’ve got grandparents and step-parents covered too!

15 Eye-Opening Bits of Marriage Advice from a Divorced Man

No-one wants to think about divorce when they are getting married. Nor do they really want to face the possibility of divorce if their marriage is going through hard times. Depending on the cultural norms of your family and society you live in, it may not even be spoken of.

Hindsight, as they say, is a wonderful thing, so here are 15 bits of marriage advice learned from a divorced man.

Appreciate Your Partner

Image source: Pixabay.com

Appreciate your partner and never take them for granted.  Yes, over time, the things you do for each other might become so routine that you don’t even really register they’re evening happening.  But, at the end of the day, when your partner is putting their time, effort and energy into your life it’s a very easy thing to simply say thanks.

15 Heartwarming Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Capturing on camera the different stages of your pregnancy can be fun and very rewarding. Whether you use a professional photographer or get creative with your home photoshoots, there are many ways you can create unique photos to celebrate the new life you are bringing into the world.

Here are 15 touching ideas for maternity shoots that can involve all members of the family.

It Takes Two

Image Source: Pixabay

Create a heart over your baby belly with each of your hands to symbolize the new life you have created together out of your love. The exposure of the baby belly is, of course, optional. You may prefer to keep your clothes on, or you and your partner may both be at the same level of undress!

15 Tips for Family Road Trips You Wish You Knew All Along

Loading up and piling into the car for a family road trip can be a heap of fun. The only problem being, for those not behind the driving wheel, restlessness and boredom can set in on longer trips.

The trick is to make the journey as enjoyable and comfortable for everyone as possible! Here are the 15 game-changing ways to do just that:

Plan Ahead

Image Source: Pixabay.com

If you’re reading this, you’re already part way on this one – plan ahead! Think about what you’ll need inside the car for a road trip, how much space you’re going to need in the trunk for all your gear, the best time of day and route to travel and enough time to get there safely.

15 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Your Whole Family

We all know it, exercise is good for us! Exercise not only keeps your body physically functioning, it helps with having a healthy mind as well. If you can get outside to exercise, then that’s even better. A little bit of natural sunlight helps our body make Vitamin D which helps make healthy bones for all ages. Finding time as a family to get exercise together can be bonding and very rewarding emotionally.

Here are 15 different types of physical activities that you can do as a family, and have a fun at the same time!

 Go Walk About

Image Source: Psychologies.co.uk

Going for a walk as a family is one of the simplest things to do, and probably one of the most beneficial. If you can get into nature all the better, but even if you live in an urban jungle a walk around your local neighborhood or city will give you things to look at and talk about as a family along the way.

15 Effective Ways to Deal with Toxic Family Members

Sometimes family members are the people in the world with whom you can just be ‘you’, other times, not so much! Family dynamics are complicated, and patterns of behavior often stem back generations. If you find yourself in a situation with a toxic family member it is hard – very hard. Unlike other relationships that may end naturally or by choice, there is a sense of obligation to persevere with family relationships that can be hard to navigate.

What do you do if you find someone in your family toxic? What if you find interacting with them so bad it’s unhealthy for you? Everyone needs support at times, and we are all affected by the stressors of daily life. Here are 15 suggestions for ways that may be effective for you to handle toxic family members.

Take Care of Yourself

Image Source: Mindoverlatte.com

It is nearly impossible to find solutions for how to deal with toxic family members if all your thoughts and energy are going to the other person. Take care of yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish. You really do need to look after yourself so you are in the best possible emotional, physical and mental space to deal with the hard stuff. Eat healthily and do activities you enjoy that will take your mind off the problem.

These 15 Photos of Mom and Daughters in Matching Outfits Will Melt Your Heart

Playing dress ups and trying on your parent’s clothing for size is a fairly standard rite of passage for most kids while they are growing up. It’s an important developmental phase, children learn a lot from literally trying things on for size. Ask any mother of a toddler teetering in a pair of their shoes – they will try to mimic the walk and the talk.

These days for some moms and daughters, it’s become their thing to dress in matching outfits, aka ‘twinning’ to show and share their bond.To celebrate that, we’ve put together 15 mom and daughter matching outfit photos of different styles and in different settings. 

Silliness in Stripes

Image Source: Lollabuy.com

There’s something about wearing big and baggy bold black and white stripes that just seems to bring out the fun and frivolity in anyone. This mother and daughter combination says it all. The loose, relaxed and comfortable fit of these matching dresses is topped off with their casual canvas shoes.