These 15 Photos of Mom and Daughters in Matching Outfits Will Melt Your Heart

Playing dress ups and trying on your parent’s clothing for size is a fairly standard rite of passage for most kids while they are growing up. It’s an important developmental phase, children learn a lot from literally trying things on for size. Ask any mother of a toddler teetering in a pair of their shoes – they will try to mimic the walk and the talk.

These days for some moms and daughters, it’s become their thing to dress in matching outfits, aka ‘twinning’ to show and share their bond.To celebrate that, we’ve put together 15 mom and daughter matching outfit photos of different styles and in different settings. 

Silliness in Stripes

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There’s something about wearing big and baggy bold black and white stripes that just seems to bring out the fun and frivolity in anyone. This mother and daughter combination says it all. The loose, relaxed and comfortable fit of these matching dresses is topped off with their casual canvas shoes.


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